Classes are included with your admission to the fair – so take a break from your shopping and stop by Clackamas Hall for one of our information packed sessions.  Each class is around 30 minutes long, and comes with a handout.

   Saturday, May 4 – 2019    Sunday, May 5 – 2019
 10:00  Pruning Trees & Shrubs    
 10:30  Growing Tomatoes  10:30  Growing Tomatoes
 11:00  Growing Blueberries  11:00  Growing Blueberries
 11:30 Planting Tips based on Research  11:30 Planting Tips based on Research
 12:00 Successful Vegetable Gardening  12:00 Successful Vegetable Gardening
 12:30 Growing Roses  12:30 Gardening in Raised Beds
   1:00 Gardening in Raised Beds  1:00 Growing Tomatoes
   1:30  Growing Tomatoes  1:30 Growing Blueberries
   2:00 Growing Blueberries  2:00 Pruning Trees and Shrubs

10-Minute University was developed in 2006 to fill the need to educate the public about gardening. The first classes were held in at the Spring Garden Fair in Clackamas Hall.  You can find out more about this program by following this link: 10-Minute University webpage